Thursday, 10 April 2008

Tropical cool and war wounds...

You know its autum when... you can have a lazy Sunday morning in your soft fluffy warm dressing gowns without overheating! Yes, we here in Paradise think that it is getting cooler - the days are now around 28 to 30 deg C. Clear blue skies make for crisp cooler mornings (in our opinions, anyway!). Naomi is now bundled in flanelette pyjamas for overnight (mostly because I don't have a sleep bag that fits at the moment, and she hates having covers on her).

Yep, people, this is the best time of year, here in Paradise. The heat and humidity have gone (although I do miss the monsoon thunderstorms and rain). You can pretty much guarantee that the weather will be fine on any given day, and it is cool enough to make your morning cup of tea a total pleasure.

However, whilst the weather may be divine, things in the Cherished household are taken one day, and sometimes one hour at a time this week.
You may have noticed the red splodge on Naomi's nose, in the above photos? She took a tumble down the auditorium steps at my mum's graduation ceremony on Saturday afternoon. It was a glorious swan dive - right onto the metal non-skid strip that they attach at the front of stair treads. Think cheese grater effect, on very delicate skin. She had a red lump on the forehead and gravel rash from bridge of the nose right down to the top lip. Blood everywhere. Screams echoing around the auditorium. And I couldn't even muster up a tissue - not even the crumpled up type that live in the bottom of every handbag (you know you have one lurking in there somewhere!). But not me. Because I don't carry a handbag - just a gorgeous little pink princess ballerina backpack, stuffed with snacks, crayons, paper, toys and a spare nappy. I briefly flirted with the idea of sticking the clean nappy on Naomi's face, but thought the better of it when I realised it may be needed later.
So instead, I scooped up screaming child and all our paraphernalia and hobbled painfully (as I had twisted my ankle earlier that day!) the 50 metres to the nearest bathroom, to get handtowels with which to stem the bleeding.
It has left a very impressive scab down her nose. But I am having trouble with the top lip - it won't dry up and scab over, because of course the nose has started running like a tap again, causing the top lip area to be constantly covered in... well, you know what I mean.
Consequently, sleeping has been disrupted, child has been very whingey and grumpy and I have been tearing my hair out.
A nice tall glass of Motherhood, anyone??


Kara said...

Ouch, poor Naomi and poor Mom!!! I'm so sorry...I hope everything heals quickly.

Emma said...

Poor lil sweetie! Have you tried Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment on that lip? It forms a nice protective barrier on constantly damp places. Might be worth a shot.

Lady P said...

Yikes...the joy of motherhood. It is just like the stories you read about OTHER mothers ~ things that you just don't want to happen to you! On the other hand, that will be quite the memory maker with time. Betcha' no one forgets that graduation ceremony! I do hope your little angel feels better soon; those lip boo-boos are nasty.

Fall there, huh? I think it is supposed to be spring here, nevermind there is a call for rain and snow later today. Cool at 30 degrees? Hoot! Hoot! We are coatless at 10 degrees Celsius around here! Two days ago the old flip-flops and SHORTS were worn by daring white-legged Canadians on a positively balmy day north of the equator! Happy fall to you!

Barbara said...

Oh I'm so sorry for poor Naomi. I remember my son had a big scab on his nose for his 2nd Christmas and of course all the Christmas photos have him like that.
I hope she feels better soon.