Thursday, 3 April 2008

Banner of Blessings

For all of you vintage hearts out there, you are in for a treat.... Check out Banner of Blessings, for free... yes, you heard me, free blog and Etsy banners. They are gorgeous vignettes, all taken by Polly, who runs the site. I like this one, but had so much trouble choosing that I may just use them all in rotation, over the coming months!


Barbara said...

Glad to read your las few posts Sasha. I was wondering where you'd got to and then I thought Goodness, people are allowed to go on holiday. So I'm glad to see that is where you were. Fiji? Oh boy, you lucky thing!

How lovely to have such a little one in your care. Lots of work though but there's nothing more guaranteed to make you broody! I'm about to take on an 18 month boy for one morn a week and I must say I'm looking forward to having a wee man again.

The pics of your girl asleep are just gorgous.