Tuesday, 2 June 2009

June competition - Win a Total Pamper Pack

I have decided to spice things up around here. Or was that just the Satay chicken wings that we had for dinner?

Anyways, I thought that a monthly competition / give-away would be a nice way to send loving vibes to my bloggy friends. And perhaps, just maybe, to get all you lurkers to leave a comment and make me feel loved ... (are you still there, lurkers?!? Please don't be frightened away. This is a totally non-committal type blog!). I just love getting comments, fan mail etc!

This month is a Blog Box giveaway. I saw the concept on someone's blog a while ago (and with my sincere apologies to whomever it was -- I can't seem to track you down again, but will be happy to give credit if you can find me!).

The theme for this month's box is Total Pampering - because who doesn't need a little bit more of that, right?

Each Monday in the month of June, I am going to add an item to a box I have sitting here beside my laptop. I will then post about it to let you know what piece of deliciousness has been added to the Pamper Pack. At the end of the month, I will randomly draw a winner from the millions of comments that I just know will be left.

There are plenty of ways to rack up lots of entries, so do any or all of these:

1. Leave a comment - and you get to leave a new comment EVERY SINGLE WEEK! Yep, you can enter again for each Monday, until the end of June.

2. Extra entry for blogging about this give-away and linking back here (leave another comment with the link, so that I can add the extra entry credit).

3. Twitter and/or Facebook about it, and again, leave another comment here to get your extra entries.

So, by my calculations, every week you could have 4 entries, if you comment, then blog, twitter and facebook about it!

The first item in the box is a plastic packet of total decadence. For those from overseas, you may not have heard of TimTams. They are heaven in a little plastic biscuit tray. Seriously. I believe that wars may have been fought over them.

The latest addition to the TimTam family are TimTam Crush Mint Crisp biscuits. And I have snared a pack (from my local supermarket). They could be all yours, to do with as you wish. I have a friend in the UK who stashes TimTams in her bathroom cabinet and eats them, while in a steamy hot bubble bath, with the door locked to keep out prying family members. I told you - total decadence.

My advice is to leave a comment and get your first entry in very quickly - so that I will feel guilty if I eat them myself! Otherwise, I'm telling you, they won't last a month in this house.

Don't forget to stop back every week and enter again - when there will be more scrumptious things in the box.


Nikki said...

If you don't mind shipping internationally, please enter me!

Kara said...

Whooo, hooo I'm in if you are shipping to the USA. What a neat idea. I will blog about this give-away on Friday with one of my give-away's if that is okay?

I also wanted to say I really want to buy one of your bags, but have signed up for a sewing class to make one similar. If I fail, I will have a good excuse to get one of yours...which I know is made much better than any bag of mine could be!!

Nikki said...

I just blogged about your giveaway. I'm sorry it's taken me so long, but it's been a hectic week.

MyKidsMom said...

Hi. I just stopped by from Nikki's (Notes) link. I would love to be entered in your giveaway (U.S. resident). I plan to mention your giveaway in a post next week. I'll stop by and let you know after I do it.

Melissa said...

Wow - I just found this and love your blog. It's great that you'll ship these goodies internationally too(I'm in the UK). I've sent the link to some Facebook friends!

nickkie said...

thanks for this, got my info through Melissa and facebook.
Will definately pass on.