Thursday, 17 April 2008

WFMW - How close is too close??

If your kids are like mine (well, mine and our daycare kids), and allowed to watch a very limited amount of television, they will probably be desperately excited when it is on - and perhaps even cluster around the screen, to get as close as possible (because you don't want to miss a moment of the Bananas in Pyjamas!). After repeated efforts at "stay back from the TV - further, further...", I knew I needed another plan.

I now set up a picnic blanket on the lounge floor, as far away from the TV as I want the kids to be. They are not allowed to go past its front edge. This is a clearly marked line, and there can be no arguments about creeping closer to the TV. My real tip is to make it a comfortable, fun place to be -- add some cushions, have their water bottles close by, and maybe even a snack, if it is the right time of day. Make sure to allow some room around behind the blanket, for dancing etc, and for those kids that lose interest in the program. Pretty soon your kids will WANT to be on the blanket (and therefore away from the screen). They can all see, there is room to stretch out and it is almost like having an inside picnic, at a regularly scheduled time!

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Driving With the Brakes On said...

That is a great idea! I occasionally catch Cooper trying to stand nose-to-screen, and if he is really into what he is watching, I find it very difficult to get him to move back. I will definitely give this a try!

Thank you for stopping by my little spot on the web - I am so sorry it has taken me so long to return the favor!

Kara said...

This is a great idea!! I will have to use it with Little One:)

Barbara said...

What a great idea Sasha. We recently (well my husband actually) got a rather large tv when our old one gave up the ghost. Even though it's bigger than they are the children still stand really close to it if I'm not watching.