Thursday, 3 April 2008

Home Alone... well, almost!

2 evenings in a row where I find myself sitting down in front of my laptop, with Naomi asleep, Brad still out, the lamp on and music playing gently in the background... I would complain about Brad working back every night this week (he has a building to deliver tomorrow - got to love the construction industry), except that these few moments have been pure bliss. And tonight I have dinner on my lap and a glass of wine by the keyboard. Heaven!

Naomi has found getting back into the swing of our daycare kids very tiring. She still only naps for 40 minutes, around 11 am. No matter what I do I can't seem to get it any longer. So by 5 pm the poor thing is collapsing - here is the evidence of her falling asleep in the highchair, between mouthfuls of dinner. Clearly I have to work on improving my dinner table conversation, so that she is interested enough to stay awake!

For the record, she didn't even wake up when I took her out, changed her into pj's and wiped her face (which she hates). But she did wake an hour later, when her tummy figured out that it had missed half of dinner, and her bedtime nursing!

I had a 14 week old baby start in my care this week - just for 2 days each week. Boy, was that a shock to the system! But with a name like Valentino, was he ever going to be anything but a total charmer??!!?!? And yes... I am now clucky again. Which Brad is thrilled about!

As for the house -- well, anyone want to buy a cute 3-bedroom house with tropical pool?? In a lovely little estate, tucked in a valley with great views. Lol... we had an offer for exactly what we wanted, while we were away in Fiji. They emailed the contract to us and we signed. We were absolutely thrilled and couldn't wait for it to go through, so that we can buy our bigger house! And then we heard yesterday that the buyer's finance had fallen through. So we are back to square one, and I have to have the house ready for an open home inspection again this weekend. Just when I was congratulating myself on cleaning and presenting the place beautifully while we were away, and not having to keep it that way once we got back from holiday. Sigh.....


GHD said...

That is such a cute photo. We have a couple of my son doing the same thing (sleeping in the highchair). It's priceless.

Hopefully, she'll get back on schedule soon and things will get better with the house.