Tuesday, 11 March 2008

So much to tell!

NB - Posted without photos until such time as Blogger figures out its "temporary error"!

What a week - so much happening, and yet I have had no time to blog about it!

After much thought and discussion, we have decided to put our house on the market. We are currently in a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom house that we love. It has a pretty little garden and a lovely pool, and has been the perfect place for us to start our little family. But, with the advent of the Family Daycare business, and the possibility of more little ones, we have decided that we need 4 bedrooms. And it helps that we have found a house nearby that fits our "wish list" (4 bed, 2 bath, office, landscaped pool, bigger back yard for kids to play in, closer in to the village centre), and that we plan to make an offer on today!

The next big decision is which real estate agent to list our property with. We are actually planning on selling our investment property as well, to get a really good deposit for the new house, so we are double customers for some lucky realtor. There is a lady with extensive knowledge of our area (we bought this house off her, and maintained contact in the interim). But she has been a bit presumptuous that of course we would use her company - and the commission she is charging is around A$11,500 per house!

On the other hand, a new-ish realtor (2 years) has taken the market by storm up here, by offering fixed price commissions at much lower rates (around A$6,000 per house). That is half price! And the agent I have dealt with there impresses me as being honest, down-to-earth, not ridiculously pushy or presumptuous.

So today I have to tell the other lady that unless she can do a really good deal on the commission for selling 2 houses, we are listing with the other realtor. **Be strong, Sasha... stand firm. It is a lot of money at stake!**

Let me see, what else to tell.... oh, yes, Naomi has learnt herself a new skill. Look closely at this picture... See that white lumpy thing on the floor in the bottom left of the frame? Yep, she has figured out the velcro fastening on her disposable nappies. More specifically, she has figured out how to undo the velcro fastening! I am going to have to get some nappy covers, or put her in shorts every day from now on, to avoid having to clean the floors again, and again, and again!

Last but definitely not least, it has finally happened.... I am in love. Yes, at the tender age of 30, I have at last found true bliss. Here is my new partner....

We have had my mum's old washing machine for the past 3 years. She had it for 15 years before that. It worked just great, and was nice and large. But it finally died on Saturday morning, so we decided the time had come for a new one. Front-loading, water-saving, quiet-spinning, all-singing, all-dancing... and we get a $200 rebate off the purchase price, from the Government, for buying a water-saving model. This made it cheaper than the top-loading, water-guzzling machines we had been looking at! What bargain shoppers we are.


Lady P said...

Oooo, how exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time! A new & bigger house plus the sale of the old one! You might be surprised when your heartstrings get pulled a little, saying goodbye to the house you brought your firstborn home to. We mums are quite sentimental about those things!

We experienced a pushy realtor and I hate that! Those realtors take advantage of people and they become pushy because some of us don't push back. Do NOT feel guilty for going with the new realtor if that is what you choose. It is YOUR money and yes, you deserve to keep it.

As to the new skill of your daughter...hah hah that brings back memories! My daughter used to take off her clothes, diaper then tossed everything out of her crib as well ~ including the freakin' mattress! Your little one has entered the stage where "nothing" is better than something on...and running around naked lasts a good year or two. I gather children are the same no matter what side of the world they grow up in!

Emma said...

Yup, time for pants, I'd say. Especially at night, or you can wake up to morning horrors.

I hope the house selling/buying goes well. I am jealous, as I am near the firestarting point with our little hovel.

I heard a rumour you'll be passing through Brisbane some time soon - tell me when and I'll show you my favourite restaurant/book store in the whole world!

Kara said...

How exciting...all your news! I hope you get your new house. Yes, pushy realtors are no fun, well pushy people in general are annoying. Don't feel bad going with the newer one:)

Barbara said...

This is very exciting Sasha. The new house sounds amazing. I hope it all goes well for you.

Nap Warden said...

Wow good for you, selling and buying are a huge deal...good luck to you!