Monday, 3 March 2008

Nervous Nineties....

Well, here it is... my ninetieth post. And it is about.... being my ninetieth post. Yep, inspiration has been at a low ebb for the past few days.

So I thought I would pep you all up by announcing that I will be doing a give-away for my 100th post... when it finally gets here. Which may take a couple of weeks, unless inspiration hits fast!!

I like to give away delicious handmade scented soaps, 'cause everyone loves them, right?!?!


Kara said...

Congratulations on your 90th post!! And handmade soaps sound wonderful...what fun, I'll be anxiously awaiting your 100th post:)

Barbara said...

Hi Sasha

Congrats on your 90th.
We are both having our 100th post around the same time! I'm wondering whether to do something special too.

Now I've been giving some thought to toys for the under two's. Hmmm. Tricky. The just two year old girl I have is crazy about dolls and any kind of push-along and has been for some time. Also a toy phone that makes sounds. Also a small toddler sized trike has always been very well used as have other wheeled toys like cars. Building bricks and stacking cups and shape sorters are always popular. Board books once they stop chewing! Balls. Containers to put smaller things in and out of. Cloth to play peek a boo with. All simple things really. Best tip is to rotate toys so that everything is not always available.