Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Sweet as a rose!

I love gardening. But I am not really too good at it. So when the trailing rose that I bought in full flower didn't get any new blooms after the ones that came with it died, I rang my father-in-law, who grows beautiful roses.

He suggested trimming it back and putting.... a banana peel in the pot. Apparently roses like potassium, to flower well. And a great source of potassium is decomposing banana peels! I am pleased to report that my rose soon produced another flush of buds.

So, my WFMW tips are:

1. Put banana skins around your roses (or bury them near the roots, if you don't like the sight / smell!); and

2. Give even strange-sounding advice a go, if it comes from someone who has demonstrated expertise in the area!


PufferfishMommy said...

Thanks for the tip, I had not heard that one before! I have discovered that sometimes a good pruning is what my rose bush really needs, too.

Now I'm even more anxious for spring to get here!


Lady P said...

I haven't heard of the banana peel tip but will certainly keep that in mind. I had a rose bush out in Alberta, and spent the first couple of years transplanting it until it found a spot that truly suited it. I also had to trim it back vigorously once in a while, in order for it to grow bushy and full of flowers. I was so sad to leave it behind when we moved!

Kara said...

That'a a great tip. I love roses too, but I tend to kill them:( I'll have to try this!!