Tuesday, 2 October 2007

A day to remember...

Wow! So much planning and so much preparation, and the day has come and gone... now I pause every so often during the day and find myself smiling when I remember some little detail or happening on our wedding day.

But would you believe, I don't have a single photo to show you yet???!?!?! Our professional photographer estimated another 2 - 3 weeks before we get the cd of her photos - and the friend who took lots of photos at the reception has gone back to The Big Smoke with promises to send a dvd of photos as soon as possible.... but I promise to post photos as soon as they are in my hot little hands.

For now you will just have to picture this.... 2 little flower girls (age 7 and 4), in simple cream satin dresses, with some pink ribbon flowers, pink bows in their hair and carrying flower balls of pink and cream roses. Followed by 2 bridesmaids, wearing pale pink tea-length dresses in soft floating chiffon, with some roses silk-painted onto the skirts - carrying posies of burgundy symbidium orchids, pink tulips and soft pink roses. And then the bride, wearing a dress of cream satin, overlaid with soft tulle which is embroidered with flowers, and a scalloped lace edge around the short train. A simple ribbon and single gardenia in short hair. Carrying a spray of gardenias, hyacinth and cream roses attached to her father's prayer book.

Now, where can I possible wear that dress to again?? It and the veil hang in the cupboard now, calling out my name.... I am not going to have it cleaned and boxed away. It can show its somewhat grubby hem and slightly torn lace train with pride - as memories of the most wonderful day of our lives.


Melissa Markham said...

I can't wait to see the photos!

Melissa said...

i can't wait to see pictures! i love weddings!!

Emma said...

Hey Sweetie, flower girl photos are on my blog. Sorry I got no good ones of you and Brad (all ridiculously blurry), but that's how it goes when you borrow a camera at the last minute. Looking forward to seeing some of the photographer's shots. We had a wonderful time, and thanks so much for sharing your day with us.

Brad said he's sure you asked me to read ages ago, so I guess Mummy brain took over and I forgot all about it. Least I didn't get time to get nervous :P

Love, Emma

Kara said...

Sounds beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures.