Monday, 18 May 2009

Menu Plan Monday - and de-brief

Last week's Menu Planning worked well for me - I kept the list stuck on the fridge, and each day I knew that I had something to cook, and that the ingredients were in the cupboard. I still struggled a bit with pulling meat out of the freezer for each dinner ... but that is what microwaves are for, right??!?!
My little family loved the winter vegetable soup, and the roast chicken dinner. The carbonara pasta was equally a hit. Unfortunately Thursday was a disaster - my slow cooker decided to go REAL slow. Like, after 18 hours the meat was still chewy -- that kind of slow. So the beef & burgundy was ditched in favour of pizza, when it was discovered at 6pm that dinner was inedible. Other than that, it was a good week - and I now have an excuse to look for a new crock pot!
This week's menu plan is:

Monday - French onion soup with bacon and herb muffins

Tuesday - Chicken parmigiana with baked potato and veges

Wednesday - Devilled sausages with mash

Thursday - Beef stroganoff and rice

Friday - Chicken with roasted tomato and garlic sauce

Saturday - Marinated pork chops

Sunday - Roast beef with baked vegetables and gravy

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Melody said...

I tend to write a list and stick it on the fridge of the meals we are having during the week. Saves a lot of hassle doesn't it and worrying about what is going to be for tea? NIce too writing the ingredients down and knowing you have everything. (Good for the budget.)

I have tried and tested a few delicious recipes over the past week I am yet to post on the recipe blog. Last night was Spiced Lamb Shanks, a Jamie Oliver recipe. Oh my, they were delicious! I did a rip roaring good pork belly last week too (Karen Martini) which was quite possibly, the best pork I have ever had!

And yeah, I think you have a valuable excuse to buy yourself another slow cooker. 18hrs? What the?

Nikki said...

I don't know how people cope who don't make a menu for the week. Well, I guess they are like my mom who goes to the grocery store almost every day. I cannot imagine doing that! I like to go once a week, although I have started making a short trip another time to pick up things like bananas.

Raising Olives said...

I also need a list of meals for the week. However, I never label a day for the meal, just whatever I feel like making/eating that day.

Yeah for a new crockpot and pizza!