Friday, 22 May 2009

I'm sooo excited!!

I am so excited that I am typing this post with one hand, while holding Ryan, rather than waiting until I have the luxury of having both hands free.

You may have noticed the ad in my sidebar for a sweet little Etsy shop called "Sasha Sews". Yep, I'm now a big-time entrepreneur (hahaha) and purveyor of fine bags and sewing. Anyway, to kick it all off, Connie at Smockity Frocks is hosting a give-away of one of my bags! Yep, you too could be the proud owner of this sweet Bag-ette, (in any colour you like), or a Bright Daisies carry bag.

So head on over to see Connie to participate -- or buy your own to be sure of getting one, of course!!!


Raising Olives said...

Congratulations! Beautiful purse. I entered over at Smockity's and hope that I win.


Emma said...

Aren't you productive? Most exciting thing I have done this week (other than the floods on my blog ;)) is fold laundry. Ugh! We have a birthday party here tomorrow, so it's a busy day today. Have a great weekend!

Nikki said...

I love that bag! And I hope I win, of course!

Anonymous said...

I love your bags Sasha. Well done for getting an etsy shop up and running and good luck with it. (I'm not really anonymous I'm on a different computer and can't remember my google password!)Bx