Thursday, 26 March 2009

Welcome Ryan William

Ryan William
Born - 3.10am, Monday, 23 March 2009
Weight - 8lb 10oz (3.920kgs)
Length - 50 cms

Much loved and cuddled by parents and big sister Naomi!


Nikki said...

Congratulations! You look great! And you have a beautiful baby!

Emma said...

He's absolutely gorgeous! But you knew I'd think that ;) Have you managed to get any sleep yet, sister, dear?

Many squishy hugs from the Brisbane family. We're hoping that Uncle Jas chooses Palm Cove for his wedding destination so we can see you all.

Melody said...

Sasha, just by chance I came across your blog! And what do I find but the news of your newest little family member. A big congratulations to you and Brad and big sister Naomi. He looks like a nice big healthy bubba. Nice one.

I'll be back...

Kara said...

Congratulations!! I've been wondering about your new little one and I stop by today to see he is here!! You all look wonderful, what blessings:)

Barbara said...

Very many congratulations to you. I knew as soon as I didn't stop by for a few days you'd have your new baby! What a cutie pie. The pic of both children sleeping is so sweet. You must all be very happy indeed. Bx