Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Remembering and learning

Things I am remembering about newborns:

  • Newborn nappies do NOT last through the night. I had definitely forgotten this one! It was quickly remembered, at 4am, with a saturated child, sleepsuit, blanket wrap and bassinet sheet!
  • They take an awful lot of organising to go out with. I was so used to just throwing in a nappy, some snacks and a drink bottle for Naomi - we went out with just a tiny backpack for the 2 of us. Now I feel like I need a shopping trolley, and half an hour to pack it up, before we are prepared to go anywhere!
  • They do not co-operate at all with the nappy changing process - quite the opposite, in fact. Trying to corral both tiny, flailing legs and handle a nappy, AND avoid the boy-style fountain is proving a logistical challenge. (Little boy fountains aren't just an urban myth!!)

Things I am learning about 2-year olds:

  • Naomi has an amazing capacity for love. She has accepted and welcomed little Ryan with a full and open heart - he gets far more kisses than I do, from her! I was a bit worried about the total change of our family dynamic, and how it would effect Naomi.
  • They are extremely curious -- what happens if I poke Ryan with this paint brush? Answer - Ryan just blinks, Mummy yells at me.
  • A 2-year old will pick the most inopportune moment for everything - like announcing that she wants to wear "undies", (ie ditch her nappies), 2 days after I came home from hospital. At first I thought this was an attention thing. But to her credit, she is doing reasonably well (when I ask if she needs to go to the toilet every 15 minutes), and is very proud of herself when it all comes together!

We are doing as well as can be expected here. The house isn't a total disaster, and I seem to have more patience with Naomi now than I did when I was pregnant. Maybe this is because I am making a concerted effort to spend time with her, while Ryan is asleep.

And speaking of which, thus far Ryan has proved to be an angel with his sleeping habits. Long naps during the day, and good sleeping at night. The biggest problem is that he always falls asleep during a feed, and I can't rouse him enough to have the second side! He then wakes within an hour, for the other half! I change his nappy, tickle his face, shake his foot... Mum has suggested a quick swish with a wet washer to get him awake for the rest of a feed. Any other ideas?


Emma said...

Josh was largely a one side kid at first. I was better than your average cow in the milk department, so I'd try, but not fuss too much about the second side.

I have a theory that open air and the sudden coolness of taking off a nappy triggers the 'fountain effect'. Have fun with that ;)

Nikki said...

I had forgotten those things about newborns, too. Oh, the fun! About those "fountains," I remember once when my husband and I changed Daniel's diaper, and we went through about seven before we finally got a clean one on him!

I have no suggestions about keeping Ryan awake. Good luck with that!

Kara said...

Oh my, how things change huh? I had totally forgotten it all when I had Little One too!! I had to completely strip her to keep her awake when nursing, and then I would still have to tickle her toes at times:)