Friday, 13 June 2008

Where, oh where has she been?

Trapped. Digging my way out from under a huuuuge pile of packing boxes, containing all of the stuff that was deemed necessary enough to be moved. I thought I was ruthless, when I packed. I took large bags of clothes to the charity shop. I threw out several car loads of junk and rubbish. I even culled (ok, maybe that is too strong a word. Maybe I lightly pruned) my craft and sewing stash. So why do I still have boxes of things that I look at and think ... why did I keep that??

But more to the point.... What did I do with the can opener?? That is driving me crazy. Do you know how many canned goods there are that don't have ring-pull lids? And that I have always just blithely opened with the can opener that I had before moving into this black-hole void for kitchen utensils?!?!?!!

Oops. Sorry for getting carried away. See what happens when you blog late in the evening after 2 glasses of wine?


Barbara said...

Hi Sasha - Hope the move went well - apart from that darn tin opener!
Isn't it hard to prune your craft stuff! I made the decision to get rid of lots of my fabric and after sorting through several piles I had just two pieces of cotton flannel in the to go pile! I think I need to be stricter about this and have another try.
Looking forward to hearing more about the new house. Bx

Kara said...

I'd been wondering if you were all moved in! I understand the boxes and giving away of stuff. We did the same thing and over a year later I still have boxes in the garage that have not been unpacked making me wonder do I really need that stuff:)