Sunday, 18 May 2008

A new addictive craft

My neighbour across the road invited me to a Creative Memories scrapbooking party, which was held yesterday. We each had to take along 6 - 8 photographs, with a theme.

I am ashamed to say that it was hard to find that many actual physical photographs, and I had to go hunting in the bottoms of sideboard drawers - it certainly is the age of digital photos! But I came up with some lovely shots of Naomi at various stages in her first year - from a couple of weeks old, through to her first birthday party.

And here is a photo of my first ever attempt at scrapbooking, entitled Naomi's First Year.

I love quilting, and have been in withdrawal for the last year, as I haven't even finished one project! I miss the beautiful vintage print fabrics, and the satisfaction of making something with my own hands that I can snuggle up under in the coming winter months. Which is why scrapbooking has the worrying potential to become a new addiction -- such beautiful papers, ribbons and embellishments - like an Aladdin's cave of pretty things. And preserving the happiest of memories.

But the thing I liked about it was the 'almost instant gratification'. Within half an hour I had created a page of memories and I was actually happy with the result! While not as utterly scrumptiously satisfying as finishing a bed quilt or lap rug, it was the sort of thing that I might even be able to find time for around Naomi and the daycare kids.

Luckily the cost of the materials, albums and fripperies that were in the catalogue were waaayyy outside our current budget, so the danger remains only peripheral... but certainly lurking there, waiting to pounce when I have more time or funds..... Does anyone else enjoy scrapbooking? Is it as addictive as I think it could be?


Barbara said...

Hi Sasha, Love your first layout. The picures are so sweet and I love the pink.
I've been thinking about scrapbooking for ages. I'd love to do a book (or 5) of my daughter's baby pics. Now I have to admit that I did get rather obsessed when I first discovered it and bought a whole stash of stuff and some magazines but we've just made some small books so far and also used the supplies for cardmaking. I've yet to start on a 12 x 12 book!

Kara said...

I love the page you made. I'm ashamed to say I have a whole storage chest of Creative Memories I have yet to use. I really got into it was Em, then never got Soph's baby book done and now am hoping to do Little One's with an online program so I can use my digital photos.