Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Being a mum is the greatest job

I have recently felt very inspired by some of the blogs by mums with many blessings - Life In A Shoe, Large Family Mothering and Lines from the Vine are blogs by mums who welcome the highs and lows of being a SAHM of many. The inspiration for me is to keep going on days when 4 under-2's have driven my round the bend! And also because Brad and I have made the decision to stop our contraception and leave the decision of when we have another baby in God's hands.

Ironically, I am currently surrounded by tiny babies! And getting clucky as all heck. We have had 3 new babies in our Mothers Group within the last month - the most recent just 2 days ago. My good friend Veronica has also just had her fourth child a couple of weeks ago. And then there is the 4 month old baby I care for 2 days a week (who is currently snoozing in the rocker at my feet).

I hope that you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. Naomi's gift to me was a 2-hour nap, which is completely unheard-of, and which allowed me to get a quiche cooked, the house cleaned and table set with pretty linen, for the lunch that we had with my Mum. But I was also the very happy recipient of this beautiful set of china breakfast crockery, presented in a pretty green hatbox. Just perfect for lazy tea and toast on the verandah, enjoying a peaceful start to the day while wrapped in my soft fluffy dressing gown. Anyone know where you can buy such a morning??


Kara said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Happy Mother's Day! I know what you mean about large families, it's just something special. I'm not sure I can handle more than three, but I figure God knows better than me:)