Monday, 3 September 2007


Have you noticed how, when 4 wakes per night is just how it is every night, it is ok and you can keep getting on with life? But when the miracle occurs and Naomi has 2 nights of only 1 wake up, in a row, and then goes back to 4 the next night, it is so much harder to accept?

I find myself asking - what was different about those nights? Did I do anything differently? Was she more tired than usual? Did she eat a larger dinner? Have her teeth started moving around again last night? My hopes were raised that a new pattern was emerging -- only to be dashed with a return to the reality of night feeds.

And frankly, my level of functioning is slim to nil this morning... and yet I have been doing 4 wakes per night for months!

However, I did come close to another bout of mastitis because of those 2 good nights' sleep -- so perhaps I should be grateful for small mercies and the silver lining of regular wake ups?!? LOL.... there has to be a bright side in here somewhere!! And I am left with the comforting knowledge that she CAN sleep longer - and one day, no doubt, she will.


Kara said...

I'm so glad you found my site! I know what you mean. My Little One wakes up to nurse at least four times a night as well. And I had to laugh because the other night she slept much better and I woke up with clogged milk ducts on one side... not fun!

Laane said...

Yes, they will sleep completely nights before they're 18. LOL!

Thanks for participating in the august give-away. What a pity you didn't win.
But the september issue is up, so that's another chance.
Feel welcome to join.