Friday, 14 September 2007

Veils and rose petals

Now I am getting VERY excited. Our wedding is on Sunday, 23 September ... yes, only 9 sleeps to go! It has all seemed a bit surreal - you know, lots of organisation but not much tangible progress. Until now. Yesterday, I had the final fitting for my wedding dress.

Now it is all so real. The dress is lovely - exactly what I wanted (but not really anything like the lovely lady in this wedding clipart photo!!). A bit vintage, a bit old-fashioned - a bit like me, really! Except I don't generally come with pretty scalloped lace edging! I can't wait until the day - but I know it will go so quickly, and then be just a beautiful memory to really start our life together with.

Our wedding is in a little church up in the hills behind our city - and to be different, we are coming back down to town on the cable car gondola ride ...

What was your favourite part of your wedding day? Did you do something quirky, or something to really personalise the celebration?


GHD said...

You look so beautiful!

My favorite part of our wedding was feeling so loved-- not just by my hubby, but by every single person that was there to celebrate with us.

I hope you have a fantastic wedding!

Best Wishes and Happily Ever After.

Melissa Markham said...

Our wedding was a bit quirky. We had been living together for about four years and we had both been married before. We had been talking about getting married when we came into a few thousand dollars and we decided to plan a two week trip out west. I told dh we should make it a honeymoon, so we planned a small wedding in about three weeks. The pastor of my church wouldn't marry us because he wanted us to go through 6 weeks of counselling...well we wanted to get married before our trip.

So we got married in a one room church on the side of a mountain on August 20, 1994. And it was HOT! No Virginia on a 90 some degree day with 100 percent humidity. DH and I had made a recording of music to play 1/2 hour before the wedding, but he arrived 15 minutes late and since the wedding march was recorded on there, we had to hang around waiting until it went through the whole thirty minutes. Then the wedding march is really long...way too long for a short walk down the aisle...So we stood staring at each other and sweating while it played on as there were songs after it as well.

After the ceremony, the last song was Great Ball of Fire (his choice) and he danced down the aisle doing a Jerry Lee Lewis impersonation. Then because we were poor (we had spent our windfall on our honeymoon), we had everyone meet us at a local Chinese restaurant (going Dutch) for the reception.

Ahhhh...the memories... (and I am thinking I should have made this a blog post and just sent you the link;)

Melissa said...

i loove thinking back on my wedding day! what a perfect and wonderful day in every way. my favorite part was waking up, knowing i was going to get married that day! then getting into my dress that i had drooled over for months and months. then walking down the aisle, though it was so surreal-was that me actually getting married? saying my lifetime vows of commitment to the Lord and my dh. oh and my beautiful bouquet, which was everything i had wanted it to be. i love thinking back on my wedding day! thanks for asking us to remember such a wonderful day!!

Kara said...

What a gorgeous dress! I wish you a beautiful and blessed wedding day:)
Our wedding day turned out to be a beautiful clear day, huge dust storm two days before, and nice enough to drive away in our old time convertable we had to leave the church in. It was winter so we weren't sure if we would be able to pull that off!
I cried the whole way down the aisle, but just couldn't help myself I was so happy. I think I scared hubby to death by my unusual blubbering, but oh well!!

Here's to happy memories for you!