Saturday, 4 August 2007

Round Robins

I have taken the big step of joining my first stitching Round Robin. I am quite nervous, but there is 8 weeks between each mailing date so hopefully I will be able to keep up and not disappoint anyone. Already I can't wait to see mine come back to me!

Other than that, I do have to get into action on some wedding stuff. I bought my shoes yesterday, ahead of dress fitting in a week's time. Now I have to arrange cake and transport. We wanted to splurge on a stretch limousine to take the whole bridal party from church to reception .... but the only one available in the area is ........ gold. Yep - you read right -- a gold stretch limousine. Perfect for a Vegas Elvis-style wedding -- but not exactly in keeping with our vintage garden party theme. So back to the drawing board on transport!! Horse & carriage anyone?!?!