Monday, 13 August 2007

A Girls' Night Out

My mum is my inspiration. She has overcome so much adversity, to follow her long-held dream of studying nursing. And today she has her final exam! I am so proud of her - what an achievement, from someone who is very modest about her own many talents.

So there is a dinner tonight, for her 'classmates' to celebrate their finishing up. As my dad passed away last year, I am the lucky recipient of an invitation to accompany mum. And I have been so looking forward to a girl's night out - leaving Naomi at home with Brad. My first night off in nearly 7 months - even if just for a few hours!

In steps the vagrancy of children. We had a 'trial run' last night. Naomi has previously been so good at sleeping for hours after being put down at 7pm. But in the last week she has been waking several times and needing re-settling, in the first hour or so. So Brad did the re-settling last night, in preparation for tonight.

Now, Naomi loves playing with her dad - but when she is tired or grumpy, there is only 1 person she wants! It didn't work at all last night. Brad did admirably - walking, rocking, singing, nestling her into a shirt of mine for smell purposes ... all to no avail.

I can't bring myself to go out, knowing that the 2 people I love are at home, both having a miserable evening. So it looks like 3 generations of girls are going out tonight - I just hope Naomi settles and sleeps in the pram at the restaurant!

Does anyone have any tips for getting N to settle with her dad, as well as me? She won't take a bottle, so he can't even feed her!


Laane said...

First have a look what might be the matter.
Some men use deodorant that is not smelling nice for little ones, or pre- or aftershave.

Feed her with both of you present.
Shift her on his lap and see what she does.

Don't feel insecure. These little ones feel far more than you expect.

They also understand more.

Play games: mamma is going to the kitchen... leave her with dad... make the time longer.
If she won't cope, let him have a look with her that you're in the kitchen.

You can prolong the time so she knows you'll be back.

Kara said...

I have the same problem and even after having 3 I haven't found a great solution. I just try to let Daddy have as much time as possible with baby and realize that sometimes she may just have to cry it out...that's still hard for me to do! But as they get a little older they will get better:)