Friday, 5 June 2009

I'm moving.....

Will you come and see me???

I have been thinking and pondering about this blog. For some reason, the title and url are irritating me every time I think about them. They are just a bit too.... schmaltzy for me. Is that a word? Do you know what I mean? I am not really a silly, frou-frou kind of person - I am honest enough to know that I am more the 'practical' type. I am more likely to be wearing boots than high heels (heavens, do I even own heels any more??).

So, rather than let it bug me any more, I am moving my blog. Yep, pickin' it up and plonkin' it down somewhere else. Somewhere that suits me and where I am in life, a whole lot better.

So PLEASE come and visit me, and re-mark your favourites button to Small Town Mamma . I am working with a lovely blog designer to spruce it up a bit, and will be posting about my cooking, crafting, child-raising, gardening and small town life in general.

Oh, and don't worry -- the Total Pamper Pack giveaway is definitely still on - it has moved too! I will be keeping this blog open for a while, and any entries that are made here will be transferred over and entered into the draw.


Melody said...

Will do. (I know what you mean btw - but I have been 'biglittlesister' for 5 years now - am thinking of moving from Blogger if anything...)

Nikki said...

Of course, I will follow you!