Monday, 11 May 2009

Warm fluffy goodness ... and some menus!

Here is a photo of what my sweet Naomi (and her daddy) gave me for Mothers Day. Soft lambskin slippers, perfect for keeping toes warm on our timber floors.... yummmm..... They are so comfy that I got all the way to the car as we were going out for dinner with my Mum last night, still wearing the slippers -- Brad came back in the house to get me a pair of 'outside' shoes!

I have been thinking lately that my repertoire of meals seems to be getting smaller - or is it just that I am cooking less and less imaginatively?? So I am determined to start some proper menu planning, and consciously expand the range of homecooked meals that I prepare for my family. We are definitely eating at home more often (less takeaway options in a small town!), and I want everyone to enjoy variety, rather than the same few dishes each week.

So here is my first try at a menu plan...

  • Monday - Winter vegetable soup, garlic toast and spring rolls
  • Tuesday - Beef and burgundy casserole (new recipe to try)
  • Wednesday - Chicken and mushroom risotto
  • Thursday - Spaghetti carbonara
  • Friday - Roast chicken and vegetables
  • Saturday - Lasagna (double size, half to freeze)
  • Sunday - Sausages and mash with onion gravy

For more great menu plans, check out Laura's blog at .


Nikki said...

When I saw your shoes, I thought, "isn't it a bit warm for them?" But then I remembered that your winter is coming, and it's a perfect gift. My husband tends to get me slippers for Christmas because my feet are always cold.

It is hard to keep from making the same recipes over and over again. I've got a couple of new recipes to try this week, too, and we'll see how they turn out.