Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Ryan's Baptism

Our little boy was baptised this past Sunday, in the church where we were married, Naomi baptised and my family has worshipped for 25 years. It was very special. In addition to the usual candle, the congregation gave Ryan a white shawl, to show that he is enfolded in the family of the Church, and God's love.

Unfortunately, our camera batteries were flat. Brad's sister took a lot of photos for us. But her camera has been lost on her return journey to Sydney (she was a bit distracted by her vomiting 5 year old, on a 3 hour plane flight).

So I will have to ask around friends and other family for some photos.... Until then, here is one of the boy napping, taken just a few minutes ago.


Kara said...

What a blessed day it must have been! And so neat it is in the same church you have been going to for so long. I will say a little prayer that the camera will be found and you will have pictures of such a wonderful day!

Nikki said...

What a cutie!

Melody said...

Ooo he is so cute Sasha! (I can't figure out at all who he looks like!)

So sorry that the camera has been lost - always the way hey? Hope someone comes up with the goods for you all...

Barbara said...

What a sweet boy. He looks so content doesn't he. What a shame about the camera.
Glad to hear that Naomi got on ok at childcare. Most children adapt really well to change and come to love the different people they meet and activities they get to do while with a childminder.
Thank you for your recent kind comments on my blog Sasha, very much appreciated. Bx