Saturday, 28 February 2009

Where do I blog?

My new friend Nikki at Nikki's Notes has tagged me to reveal where I blog from. Eeek! Well, here goes...

This is our office / my sewing room. And yes, it is pretty much always this messy! I don't get enough time to blog / sew / craft, let alone spending time actually tidying it up! Beside the sewing machine are the sweet little girl's aprons that I have been working on lately. There is a large wicker basket to the left of them (not in the photo), that is supposed to be WIP's - in fact, it's just another place for a fabric stash. As is that basket on the top shelf above the computer.
The view out the window is overlooking the front verandah and yard - which is a bit overgrown at the moment. It's just still too hot to get into the garden beds and give them the weeding they deserve.
Now, I am going to tag Kara and my sister Emma to play along and reveal their little corner of the blogging world.


Nikki said...

Do you really only have those two baskets of fabric stashed? I have gobs and gobs of yarn stored up, just waiting for a purpose.

Thanks for participating. It's fun to see a little into other people's lives, isn't it?

You always get me when you refer to the weather. You mentioned how hot it is, but it's cold here! I forget!