Thursday, 8 January 2009

Sleep negotiations

Conversation held in Naomi's bedroom last night:

Mummy (as tucking in and giving hugs and kisses) - "Naomi, if you sleep all night in your bed, and don't come in to wake Mummy up, in the morning I will give you sticker. OK?"

Naomi (nestling under blanket) - "Mmm?"

Mummy - "So stay in your bed, and don't wake up Mummy, for a sticker tomorrow."

Naomi (clearly thinking about this concept) - "OK.... wake Daddy".

For the record, she came in and woke me up 3 times, needing to be put back into her bed. No sticker was given this morning.

Does anyone have any ideas for getting a toddler to sleep through? She doesn't wake up crying - she just wakes up, and requires me to be lying on the floor next to her bed, before she will go back to sleep. She has a nightlight, soft music playing, her drink bottle available, etc etc....... I am exhausted, and very worried about what we will do when the new baby comes in 2 months time.


Nikki said...

Oh, my! I have no ideas. Thankfully, my toddler sleeps through the night most nights. Of course, she is still in a crib, so that helps. We plan to move her soon to a big bed, and things may change.

Emma said...

1. The first time she gets up, say that it's sleep time, kiss her and leave the room.
2.After that, just take her back without talking to her, or giving her the interaction she's looking for. Definitely don't stay with her.
3.Give up and let her sleep with you.
4.Hope that sleeping with your parents is so embarassing at school that she moves to her own bed then.

Good luck! You're gonna need it. ;)

Emma said...

By the way - the first two steps worked for Christopher. Try to reserve the third and fourth steps for your youngest, so as to reduce the number of feet in your face at 3am.

Barbara said...

I agree with Emma. You just have to stay firm and with most children I believe this method only takes a few nights. It's what I always intended to do and most certainly would have done had we been expecting another at the time. I was far too soft though and it was indeed some years before E was able to sleep right through without waking and seeking company. I think it's hard for some children to be able to go to sleep on their own but it's a great skill for them to have. Good luck! Bx