Friday, 12 December 2008

Handmade decorations

If you read along on Kara's blog over at Eskimo Kisses & Air Hugs you will no doubt have been enjoying her great series of posts about their Pioneer Christmas, with lots of ideas for homemade decorations.

When my very crafty friend Barbara at Warm Woollen Mittens posted a link to a great Christmas craft, it got me up and in the festive spirit. The link is here if you are interested. They are very easy paper rosettes, with the addition of glitter and buttons for a bit of glam.... Here are the ones that Naomi and I have made in the last few days. Thanks for the link, Barbara! I am hoping they will look nice hung up in my kitchen window. And it was a great excuse to buy some really pretty scrapbooking papers from my local crazy bargain shop!


Barbara said...

Hi Sasha - Isn't that a great easy craft! We have quite a few home made decs up this year and of course they mean much more than the store bought ones. Yours are lovely and as you say - a good excuse to use up some of the lovely papers around today. Bx