Friday, 7 November 2008

Great sauce recipe

Last night I cooked pork chops, but was trying to think of a quick and easy way to jazz them up a bit. I threw the following ingredients into the frypan, after cooking the chops and draining off the grease (but be sure to leave the yummy browning stuff in the bottom):

A good dollop of cream
2 tsps crushed garlic
A shake of dried rosemary leaves
Fresh garlic chives, snipped up with scissors

Stir together and let it simmer on very low for a few minutes, soaking up the meaty bits in the bottom of the pan. This made enough for generous pour-over servings on 2 adult dinners.

I had intended to put some seeded mustard in as well, but didn't have any in the fridge. It was just as delicious without it. I think this would go well on any meat - steak, pork, chicken, even fish or prawns. And it was literally conceived and made in 5 minutes, from ingredients in the condiments shelf of my pantry and fridge.

Do you have a special sauce, or something quick that you use to jazz up otherwise plain meals? Please share it with me - leave a link to your site in the comments!


Kara said...

Yum, that sounds great. I think those last minute,throw together things can be the best. Of course, you just have to remember to write them down or they are forgotten!

Patricia said...

Check out 2 blogs that I visit for yummy ideas: Noble Pig and Sunday Baker. If you go back into October, on Noble Pig, there's a to-die-for chicken recipe that lists Plum jam as part of the VERY easy and simple recipe. My family licked the plate clean!

Sunday Baker always has new things popping up on her blog.