Friday, 29 August 2008

What happened to my life??

Who am I?? Where is the real Sasha??????

I feel like I fell pregnant and my life just collapsed around me. Let me take stock.

Motivation - nil.
Energy level - nil.
Care factor - nil. Sometimes less than nil. Negative care factor.

I just wake up, nibble my dry crackers, crawl out of bed in time to get Naomi and I breakfast and brush my hair before the first daycare children arrive. Then it is the usual ups and downs, and by the time the last one leaves I just collapse on the couch, wondering what on earth I am going to feed my own little family for dinner. It's lucky our bill paying is all forward scheduled through the internet banking, because I hadn't turned the computer on in about 3 weeks.

Trying to think positively, I have been much less nauseous this time around. With Naomi I was actually sick most days, all the way through. This time, I have felt seedy all day but only been sick a couple of times (one was the result of a particularly awful nappy!). And it seems to be receding a bit, this week, so maybe I will be better in a couple of weeks time.

But will that bring my energy back??? My motivation?? My enthusiasm for the things I was doing before?? I hope so. Because I still want to do them. I just can't think about anything that complicated now!!


Emma said...

Remember the happy days of your first pregnancy, when, if you felt too tired, you just said "Too tired" and that was it? By the third baby I was very nostalgic for my first pregnancy, when severe nausea and a migraine meant I just went to bed and Brett dealt with the whole house/food issue (usually by ignoring the house and buying takeaway).

Hopefully you'll feel better for the second trimester at least. Remember that you need to slow down. Settle the kids in an activity (play dough is great) or a movie and just sit and read or stitch for a while. Housework can wait.

Emma said...

Oh, and I can't tell you how many times, while pregnant with Samara, I fell asleep on Christopher's bed at 7:30 and woke just long enough to get to our bed. I even did it with dinner guests once or twice.

patriciaspage said...

Geez you are doing much better than I did when I got pregnant with baby no. 2! I would just fall asleep with my baby either napping or hanging around in a playpen. I could not have handled other people's kids at all!

When the nauseous phase has passed then you will find more energy. If it passes! Or after the baby is born and your new normal becomes established. In the meantime whatever you can do in a day is completely understandable!