Saturday, 12 July 2008

One born every minute

A sucker, that is!

I have been putting off going back to my usual hairdressing salon. It has been about 4 months now - I tell myself that I am growing it back out after 7 years of short hair. In fact it is just that I have recently had trouble justifying the expense of this luxury salon - not to Brad, but to myself. I think I am my own harshest financial critic. I had just decided to make an appointment at the much cheaper hairdresser at our local shops, when a parcel arrived on my doorstep. It contained this....

A birthday gift from my salon. A selection of delicious hand creams, soap and bath gel.
Did I do the sensible thing and set it aside from my mind? No, not me. I started thinking about what a fantastic salon they are - how luxuriously pampered I always feel after an hour or 2 there. What a great job Jessica does of cutting my very thick and fluffy hair. How I adored the hairstyles that she did for our wedding.
And I rang up to make an appointment 'just for a trim - I am thinking of growing it out'.


Kara said...

How sweet! You deserve some pampering so try to enjoy it. I do the same thing, but you know finding someone you really trust to cut your hair can be hard. I now drive an hour to our old small town to have my hair done, but I've decided it's worth it:) Enjoy your day!!

Barbara said...

Are you having a birthday? Happy Birthday! I wish my hairdresser would send me a pressie. I'm just thinking about changing mine because I'm really not that happy with them any more but it takes so long to get used to one doesn't it. Looking forward to your 100th post! Bx