Thursday, 31 January 2008

I've been tagged!

My lovely friend Kara has tagged me to divulge 6 things you may not know about me. I can think of about 600 things that are lurking in my background just waiting to be revealed, but here goes with a few things off the top of my head...

1. I don't eat salad, and not much in the way of fresh fruit. Can't stand it - if the Lord had meant me to be a rabbit, he would have given me long ears and a fluffy tail. But I do eat lots of veges, and provide plenty of fresh fruit for Naomi, who is turning into quite the little Fruit Bat.

2. I feel like the UK is just as much "home" to me as Australia. I have visited a few times, and lived in London for 6 months - the best 6 months ever. My grandfather was born in Glasgow, and I have this gut connection to Scotland. Whenever I go there, it just feels right. Like I was meant to be there.

3. I am a water baby. Could swim and laze in our pool all day - if not for the wrinkles!

4. I now have a thing about people taking diabetes seriously. Brad is a Type 1 diabetic (since he was 4), and we have had to go through 2 diabetic seizures, each at about 3am, calling the ambulance and thinking he was going to die, right there in the bed next to me. He doesn't remember them afterwards, so I am the one left traumatised by it. Diabetes is serious, people. And it kills. And most of us can do something about not getting it.

5. I love to travel. All over the world, but particularly Europe. I also want to see Canada, and "Big Sky Country" Montana.

6. Why Montana?? Because I am a country girl at heart, and always will be. Wide open spaces bring me peace, and a closeness to God.

Now I am going to tag my new friend, Barbara, and my sister Emma.


Barbara said...

Hi there - Thanks for the tag. I'll get to do this next week if I can think of six things!
I agree about the diabetes. A friend of mine's husband was diagnosed last year and it's such a worry for her as he didn't seem to be taking it as seriously as he should. Thankfully there's a good health programme here and he did a course where he's learned how to manage it better.

Kara said...

Good six things! My mom is a nurse educator and her big thing is diabetes education. So many people don't take it seriously, with their diet etc. but it is!! We're not Montana, but we're pretty wide open here in the Texas Panhandle:)