Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Is it really Christmas??

I love Christmas - it is my favourite time of year. But up here in the tropics, there are no frosty mornings, no hot chocolate by the fire, no prospects of a White Christmas.... so it can be a little hard to get into the Festive spirit. Not the Festive spirits --- it is easy to get into them, they are kept on the top shelf of the pantry....
I usually bake. Rum balls, Christmas cake, I have even tried my hand at fruit mince pies. Is there anything more Christmassy than the smells of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg permeating your house, as you stir along to your favourite carol selection?
But this year, we are going to the Big Smoke, for Christmas with Brad's family ("the outlaws"). So I haven't been baking up a frenzy, because we won't be here.... also, with a diabetic husband, it means I have to eat all the goodies myself. Not good for the New Year's resolution situation!!
I have shopped, and wrapped, and posted parcels of gifts to family and friends, I have put up our Christmas tree, I even have a cd of carols that I play.... but for some reason, without the turkey to order, and the special seasonal goodies to make, it just doesn't quite seem like Christmas. Oh, and it doesn't help that Naomi screamed the shopping centre down when we tried for a Santa photo..... Jolly men in red suits with large beards just aren't her cup of tea.
Is anyone else feeling this way??


Kara said...

We finally got some snow today, so now it's feeling more like Christmas. But I can't believe it's only three days away! We sort of walked slowly by Santa at the mall and Little One did not want to get too close:) My other two still didn't like Santa until they were 3 or 4. So I understand the screaming. Merry Christmas!