Friday, 7 December 2007

Do you like...

how you treat other people in your worst moments?? I have discovered that I do not like it at all.

As background, you should know that I am not a morning person - never have been, never will be. Just ask my dear family. So one of the hardest parts of motherhood, for me, has been sleep deprivation and early morning starts. Naomi has developed this habit of waking at around 5am, having a feed and not going back to sleep. She does it a couple of times a week. And I hate it.

On days that start at 5am, I am the worst grouch in the world, to the people I love the most. Snappy, grumpy, and prickly. And that's how I describe myself - I hate to think what B & N think of me!!!

My current management strategy has been to put Naomi in bed between us, turn my back and try to pretend that she isn't pulling my hair, chattering and climbing all over us. Needless to say, this isn't working. So, I've made a small resolution with myself, to make an effort to at least pretend to smile, on such days. I need to face the reality that I should get up, make a cup of tea and try to face the day, rather than being grouchy and snapping at anyone who comes near my side of the bed -- while knowing that I can't go back to sleep, anyway.

At least then, I may like myself better, even if I am still propping my eyelids open with matchsticks!!

Does anyone have any other tips, for coping with little sleep??


Melissa Markham said...

I think just going on and getting up is the best thing to do. And not dwell on the sleep you have missed and then go to sleep early that night to catch up.

EdibleEducation said...

I wish there was a magic pill moms could pop when they've missed out on sleep (well I guess you could have some caffeine)...but if you're like me - just having caffeine is not what I want. Nothing makes up for sleep like sleep does.

The only thing I can recommend is - when the baby takes a nap, take one too. Even if that means the floor doesn't get swept or something else doesn't get done - catching up on sleep is the most important.

I found this most difficult when one of my children was an infant and the other a non-sleeping toddler...this was solved by having the toddler have a "quiet time" in her room while baby napped (and hopefully mama napped too).

Kara said...

I'm all for the sleeping when the baby sleeps or at least resting:) It's hard when you don't have a set routine and all three of mine are good at keeping me from one, so I too try to grin and bear it on those early morning days and hope tomorrow is better!