Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Mummy lesson 101 - When your gummy toothless 10-month old child wakes up distressed and drenched in sweat, run your finger around their gums before reaching for the phone to call the hospital Emergency Department!

Yes, it has finally happened. On her 10-month birthday, Naomi started cutting her first teeth. And being our first darling, they are MY first baby teeth too. Does this explain last week's nappy explosions?

One of the mothers in Naomi's swim class tells me that her daughter gets blisters in her nappy every time she cuts a tooth, and needs antibiotic cream!

I think I will be grateful that Naomi is dealing fairly well, and has only needed one dose of infant Panadol so far.

Do you have any teething stories from your little darlings?


Kara said...

Yea Naomi!! We're still waiting on our teeth. Mine always acted like they were teething months before they actually got them:)